Bitmain Power Supply Designed for S9/V9/T9+/L3+/A3/X3/D3

The APW7 series power supplies from Bitmain can deliver a maximum power of only 1000W if it is connected to a 110V mains power supply. To obtain the rated power of 1800W, the APW7 must be connected to a 220-240V outlet with at least 15 amps and no competing devices on the same circuit.
  • Designed for the AntMiner L3+/S9/T9+/D3/V9/X3/A3
  • Includes ten 6-pin PCIe connectors
  • Maximum output: 1000W @ 110v-120v, 1800W @ 220v-240v
  • Power cord not included, requires standard PC power cable (C13)

*Please note, if the AntMiner requires more than 1000W, then this power supply must be on a 220v+ circuit or else you may cause damage to the PSU or the AntMiner.