Tariffs February 19 2019

Many of you may have noticed that we've been in hibernation mode for the last few months. This has primarily been due to our decision to stop purchasing new hardware while the US/China tariffs are in effect. For those who aren't familiar, new tariffs on importing certain Chinese goods went into effect last year on August 23rd (2018). The effect was an increase from the previous 2.6% import tariff to the current 27.6% import tariff. Obviously, this was not good news for us and with the values of most cryptocurrencies declining at the same time - we decided to pull back and wait while things settled down. Now that we've had some time and it looks like cryptocurrencies are on the rise again, we've decided to offer a few select products again. Please note that all of our pricing is inclusive of tariffs and import fees. We do not like surprise bills and figured that our customers wouldn't appreciate them either, hence the all-in-one pricing policy.