July 15, 2014 - Batch 1 AntMiner S3s are inbound! July 19 2014

We've received tracking information for our 40 AntMiner S3s and they're going to arrive in 2 days (July 17th). That means anyone who has ordered through us will be shipped to on the same day.

July 14, 2014 - Bitmain lowers AntMiner S3 specifications July 19 2014

Bitmain has contacted us and explained that the AntMiner S3 will not be capable of 478GH/s as originally advertised due to poor performing DC/DC modules. Instead, they have lowered the advertised speed to 441GH/s as well as the power requirements from 366W to 340W (still 0.77W/GH).

June 30, 2014 - New AntMiner S3s finally available for per-order July 18 2014

The new AntMiner S3 from Bitmain has finally gone on sale! We've purchased 40 from batch #1 and expect to receive them before July 20th. Similar to the discontinued AntMiner S1s, the S3s will only be available to those purchasing directly from Bitmain in 2-packs. We will be offering 1-packs as well as 2-packs in our store. We'll be shipping them to our customers on the same day we receive them. Inventory is not expected to last long, so get them while they're hot!