January 2nd, 2015 - New products! January 02 2015

You may have noticed, but we have added the incredible new AntMiner S5 from Bitmain to our product line up. We have a large batch of them that is expected to arrive on January 8th and will be shipping out to those of you who have already ordered on the same day they arrive.

Of course, those of you who pay a lot of attention to the current hardware market know that the S5's greatest competition comes from Spondoolies-Tech. They make the SP20 Jackson, which is faster - but really shines when underclocked. It's also ridiculously stable and only fluctuates 4-5GH/s over time. I purchased one to test with and I'm pretty impressed. So impressed that I purchased 30 more to see if there's enough demand to justify more in the future. You can find them on the main page if you're interested.

Oh yeah - happy new year! 2014 was by far our best year yet. That may have something to do with 2014 being our first year in business. Here's to an even better 2015!