Beware (Scam Alert)

Hey everyone,

We ONLY SELL ON AMAZON.COM. Please do not fall for the scammers that are masquerading as us on They’re actively scamming people by taking advantage of the trust that we’ve built in this community over the last 4 years.

7 thoughts on “Beware (Scam Alert)”

    1. Hi Jakub, is a known scam site, which is why the price is “too good to be true”. The price they’re selling for is significantly less than it would cost them to acquire.

  1. Yes your friends have just screwed me for $8,000.00

    You would think you would do a much better job at protecting you reputation then letting a company masquerade as your company with the same company name and the sales of the same products. There are laws against that…

    If you type in cryptocrane on google it takes you right to a website which anyone would believe it’s you.

    So I am now out $8155.00 because you are doing one hell of a shitty ass job protecting your company name, company reputation and your potential customers. Not much can be said for your lousy sense of urgency.

    Please get on this so no other people get scammed like I did that attempt to do business with cryptocrane

    1. Eric,

      We have been doing EVERYTHING possible to get them taken down. It’s much more difficult than you can imagine and we don’t have a lot of options. You can definitely help up though. Their domain hosting company is asking us for evidence that they are scamming people. Would you be willing to provide an email to us at with as much detail and any information they gave you (such as an invoice)? Thus far, we haven’t been able to provide anything above our word vs theirs.


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